Javascript Functions

  •  Are first-class objects.
  • As a result, can be assigned to variables, can be given as arguments.
  • Can be declared by name of by using function expression.
  • () operator executes the function.
  • All functions have a default property named “parameters”. It is an “array-like” object where all given parameters can be reached.
  • Parameters are passed by value. Objects values has still refers to the same object !
  • Function footprint exists only from name. Parameters are not included in de name. As a result, function overloading is not possible.
  • It is not possible to have several functions with the same name and different amount of arguments.
  • All function parameters are optional, also declared parameters. Not supplied parameters gets the value “undefined”. Undeclared parameters can’t be reached with a name but well through “arguments” property.
  • Default return value is undefined.


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