Domain Driven Design Context Map Integration Patterns

Shared Kernel

Two or more teams shares some context. They are both and equally responsible from the shared context.


Consumer and the supplier has to work together. The consumer may veto the changes or may demand changes from the producer.


The consumer and the producer are independent of each other and the producer has no responsibility to take account the requirements of the consumer. So the consumer has to follow the producer.

Anticorruption Layer

Making sure the consumer won’t be dependent to the producer using an adapter like layer so the interface will fit better to the consumer.

Separate Ways

Allowing the systems evolve separately and independently so no integration between the 2 systems. If needed, the data exchange will occur through media like exporting to file.

Open/Host Service

Providing an integration layer for the use of other consumers.

Published Language

Lose integration of the systems using a common language or interchange medium like JSON, XML through a web service or Email.

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