Vagrant machine proxy configuration

To configure proxy for a Vagrant host: 1. put the following configuration in the Vagrant file authenticating proxy: Not replace the following keywordt with the real data: USERNAME PASSWORD PROXYADDRESS PROXYPORT Ex: vagrantuser/vagrantpassword@vagranthost:8080 2: restart the host or alternatively, execute “vagrant provision” This configuration creates a new file in the “/etc/apt/apt.conf.d” directory with the name: … More Vagrant machine proxy configuration

ThreadLogic – Oracle Service Bus Threaddump analyser

Standaard thread dump analyser tools are not good enough to analyse the thread dumps of OSB. The Project Kenai tool ThreadLogic can be very usefull for analysing OSB stuck threads. The project URL is:   OSB shows most of the time not enough information about the stuck threads.  Adding workmanagers to Business Services en Proxy … More ThreadLogic – Oracle Service Bus Threaddump analyser

Java Dynamic Proxy

Dynamic proxying is used widely in the frameworks, so a basic understanding of the implementation can be helpfull to use those frameworks. Of course, there can be a situation where a dynamic proxy implementation can be a good choice. Here a simple example of a dynamic proxy implementation using Java 8       If … More Java Dynamic Proxy

Best practices for Stable Enterprise Software Design

Following methods are the best practices to design stable systems in complex environment. There are of course much more patterns but these are particularly the patterns I have used on my projects. – Decoupling: Software should be built in independent modules. Microservices is a very good way of decoupling. This pattern makes it possible to … More Best practices for Stable Enterprise Software Design